Memories from grandma’s kitchen


“Grandma’s Kitchen”

These two simple words instantly bring to our minds the smells, sights, sounds and textures of our past.

For some, “grandma’s kitchen” triggers memories of wood burning stoves, pantries stocked with home-canned harvests, hot apple pie, homemade bread, family gatherings and recipes passed down from generations too far distant to know for certain where they started.

For others, memories of grandma’s kitchen are more contemporary. They include modern time-saving appliances, low-fat, good-tasting foods, microwaveable on-the-go meals and tempting dishes reflecting cuisine choices from around the world. From grandma’s kitchen come not only good things to eat but entertainment, cold remedies, and words of wisdom.

Loe Ione Hammond, a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, has been a collector of recipes for more than sixty years. From the tens of thousands in her collection, she has assembled an assortment of over 2000 for her home-published work, “Memories From Grandma’s Kitchen”. This collection “has it all”; from Dutch oven to Danish, play dough to potpourri. These recipes span centuries as well as geography.

For those of us who have savored the recipes over the years, just reading through the cookbook is a nostalgic experience, where almost like a novel our lives’ unfold in a panorama of memories centered in and radiating outward from Grandma’s kitchen. We hope you find in this collection the yeast to awaken your own memories and the ingredients for making new ones.


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